How will the proceedings of ICCSW’17 be published?

The proceedings will be published as an open-access volume in the OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs) published by Schloss Dagstuhl.

Authors of accepted papers will be given the possibility to publish only an abstract rather than the whole paper in the proceedings of ICCSW’17.

What rights will I retain as an author after publishing my paper at ICCSW’17?

All articles published in OASIcs are licensed under a Creative Commons licence. This allows for the original authors to retain the copyright of the article.

What are the instructions for papers that has either been previously published elsewhere?

There are a number of accepted submissions that are not truly “original work” (e.g., they have been previously presented in a longer format at a previous conference/workshop or accepted in a journal). If your paper is one of these submissions, we ask that you kindly revise your manuscript in the following way: please use \footnote{...} to add a footnote to your title. Please include text similar to the following:

A longer version of this paper appeared in the proceedings of ConferenceInitials [XX].

where “ConferenceInitials” are the initials of the conference (e.g., “ICCSW” for “Imperial College Computing Student Workshop”) and “[XX]” is a citation to the full, original paper included in your bibliography.

For example, in LaTeX, your sources may now include something similar to:

\title{My really awesome paper\footnote{A longer version of this paper
appeared in the proceedings of ABC~\cite{MyPaper}.}}

Optionally you can include a short appendix, explaining the difference between the previous and work being submitted if you think an explanation will aid the decision making process of the reviewers.

ICCSW17 Steering Committee