How will the proceedings of ICCSW'13 be published?

The proceedings will be published as an open-access volume in the OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs) published by Schloss Dagstuhl.

What rights will I retain as an author after publishing my paper at ICCSW'13?

All articles published in OASIcs are licensed under a Creative Commons licence. This allows for the original authors to retain the copyright of the article.

What style should I use for my paper?

Please use OASIcs LaTeX style. You can find a copy here.

What are the instructions for papers that has either been previously published elsewhere?

There are a number of accepted submissions that are not truly “original work” (e.g., they have been previously presented in a longer format at a previous conference/workshop or accepted in a journal). If you paper is one of these submissions, we ask that you kindly revise your manuscript in the following way: please use \footnote{...} to add a footnote to your title. Please include text similar to the following:

A longer version of this paper appeared in the proceedings of ConferenceInitials [XX].

where “ConferenceInitials” are the initials of the conference (e.g., “ICCSW” for “Imperial College Computing Student Workshop”) and "[XX]" is a citation to the full, original paper included in your bibliography.

For example, in LaTeX, your sources may now include something similar to:

\title{My really awesome paper\footnote{A longer version of this paper
appeared in the proceedings of ABC~\cite{MyPaper}.}}