How will the proceedings of ICCSW'12 be published?

The proceedings will be published as an open-access volume in the OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs) published by Schloss Dagstuhl.

What rights will I retain as an author after publishing my paper at ICCSW'12?

All articles published in OASIcs are licensed under a Creative Commons licence. This allows for the original authors to retain the copyright of the article.

What style should I use for my paper?

Please use OASIcs LaTeX style. You can find a copy here.

Can you please clarify the lengths of papers allowed?

During the reviewing process, it became apparent that some papers adversely suffered due to the page limits imposed for the review-ready submissions. Consequently, to give you enough space to address all of the reviewers' comments and also to include any further details you left out in the review-ready submission, we have extended the page limit slightly.

You are now allowed up to seven pages in total - this is a hard limit. Please note, the seventh page does not have to be exclusively for the use of your bibliography. While we understand that some authors used two pages for references in the review ready copy, you can either keep this extended bibliography and have a five page paper or you can chose to cut down your bibliography to have the additional sixth page. It is expected that you will not sacrifice "scientific integrity" by needlessly cutting down your bibliography to fit in a few extra paragraphs. The committee really expects your papers to have between half and a full page of references.

What are the formatting instructions for camera-ready version?

The only modification to the formatting instructions from the review-ready instructions is the extended page limits (see above). You are encouraged once again to use PDFLaTeX to compile your final paper and you must use the OASIcs style-file unmodified. If for some reason you are unable to use PDFLaTeX and decide to use (LaTeX + DVIPS + PS2PDF, or similar), can you please email the committee at your earliest convenience? We need to discuss how to correctly format papers using non-PDFLaTeX, as the OASIcs graphics are only supported using PDFLaTeX.

What are the instructions for papers that has either been previously published elsewhere?

There are a number of accepted submissions that are not truly "original work" (e.g., they have been previously presented in a longer format at a previous conference/workshop or accepted in a journal). If you paper is one of these submissions, we ask that you kindly revise your manuscript in the following way: please use \footnote{...} to add a footnote to your title. Please include text similar to the following:

A longer version of this paper appeared in the proceedings of ConferenceInitials [XX].

where "ConferenceInitials" are the initials of the conference (e.g., "ICCSW" for "Imperial College Computing Student Workshop") and "[XX]" is a citation to the full, original paper included in your bibliography.

For example, in LaTeX, your sources may now include something similar to:

\title{My really awesome paper\footnote{A longer version of this paper
appeared in the proceedings of ABC~\cite{MyPaper}.}}

What else do I need to do before doing making my submission?

We require that you fill in a Dagstuhl OASIcs copyright form, which can uploaded to Easychair at the same time as your camera-ready paper sources. You can find a draft version here. When ICCSW receives the final copy from Dagstuhl, we will email the authors.

How long will ICCSW run for?

ICCSW'12 will run from 08:30 on Thursday, September 27 until 17:00 on Friday, September 28th. We ask that all presenters attend for the duration of the workshop.

What should I do about food while attending ICCSW? Do I need a packed lunch?

Nope! ICCSW will provide you with two lunches (Thursday and Friday) and there is a banquet meal on the Thursday. This is all included in ICCSW's registration, and there is no charge.