2011 Imperial College Computing Student Workshop
28-29 September 2011 • London, United Kingdom

The 2011 Imperial College Computing Student Workshop aims to provide an international forum for doctoral students to discuss a range topics that are current in computer science research.

The workshop welcomes all research students in the field of computer science from all around Europe.

The inaugural workshop aims at bringing together students at different levels of their graduate studies. The workshop offers a traditional track featuring technical papers and a discussion session focused on current topics in computer science.

The workshop aims to:

  • offer research students the opportunity to submit and present their research at an internationally-renowned institution;
  • provide PhD students with the experience of organising a workshop, including reviewing papers by other students;
  • provide a forum for open discussion of topics including those outside the current focus of research;
  • allow students to network with those from other institutions as well as to learn about current research at other universities.

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